In the resonant words of Adm. James Stockdale, "Who am I ?  Why am I here?" I'll skip the "who am I?" part for now, as I'm sure you'll come to know me and the other contributors and commentors to this blog all too well in the coming weeks and months.  "Why?", however, is a relevant question. Surely, the world does not need another marketing blog.  Maybe not, but I do think the fundamental notion of working out a compelling and credible message before blasting content through the innumerable communications conduits available today is radically overlooked -- and to the detriment of many a marketing effort.  In the race to get social and  live by the conventional wisdom that content is king, companies, organizations and individuals seem to have forgotten three necessary first steps: know what you want to say, know to whom you want to say it , and know why they should give a damn about anything you have to say anyway. With the array communications vehicles available to companies and consumers today, as well as the total lack of any "walls" between media, geographies or constituencies, clear and compelling messaging is more necessary than ever. "Message & Medium"  will serve as a forum for discussion on this topic, preferably by using current or historical examples from any branch of business, culture or politics as jumping off points.  Comments and discussion are highly encouraged, as are references or suggestions on related topics, blogs, sources and examples.

I hope to update the blog two or three times per week (and I guarantee that there will be more than a few  entries that will have absolutely nothing  to do with the main topic -- hint: football season is approaching, my iPod needs regular refreshment, Russian Imperial stout is the nectar of the gods, and I hate novelists who can't write...seriously). And I'll offer this disclosure: I am a 25-year veteran of the marketing and communications wars and, as such, I have my opinions about how to do this stuff properly. I run my own consultancy called, "Message & Medium," and I work with clients of all sizes to drink the same Kool Aid I'll be serving up here. But that doesn't mean I'm always right...even though I bring it.

AuthorJen Simonson