As mentioned at the outset of this blog, readers can expect the occasional post on topics that have nothing to do with marketing or business.  I'm very please to devote some space here to a recent discovery, The New England Online Film Festival. The Online Film Festival is hosted for the second year by,  an online resource and magazine for all things relevant to the film and video production industry in New England. I strongly encourage you to hit the above link between now and October 15  for a chance to see 19 short films by New England film makers in genres such as animation, comedy, drama, documentary and experimental. Also included on the site are several interviews with the directors, producers and writers of the films that provide some insight into the film maker's mind and methods, as well as a genuine feel for the enormous challenges facing the no-budget local artist. I stumbled on the New England Online Film Festival and have since spent the better part of a couple of days viewing the short films.  Many of them are tremendous and delivered a real revelation to someone like me who is not involved in the local film industry, but simply loves movies. I encourage anyone with an interest in film, visual communications and support for local artists to check out the film fest.  Feel free to post your reactions or faves in the comment section here. Or, if you are part of the local film industry, please weigh in with some thoughts and pointers to additional online or local film fests.