cloud Simple observation over the last 12 months has shown a bulge in funding for companies engaged in EdTech of many flavors and companies that are in any way cloud-related. Couple this info with the ongoing flow of dollars to mobile and the trend nationwide to non-classroom-based eduction and I think one can begin to feel significant momentum building toward a whopping market opportunity.

I'm more intimately involved in the EdTech market (disclosure: I have been advising 30Hands Learning for the last year) and I've seen as many different approaches to recreating the learning environment as there are companies in the market --  and the interest is coming from established LMS players as well as a sea of startups. Most all of them have a mobile component with a slightly different twist in implementation, though all of them have tablet fever. At the same time, a robust, secure and efficient cloud service is all but a necessity to create and scale the infrastructure for many of these efforts, (consider the needs of a truly massive open online courses, for example).

The only thing the technology world likes more than crowing about innovation is declaring a bubble.  Some believe that EdTech is hurtling toward bubble status even as I write this.  While there may be more losers than winners eventually, the time is now to hit the massive well of opportunity that spans academic and commercial markets for those organizations who can innovate, scale and manage growth spurred by this convergence.